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JHL Communication Technology provides a wide variety of communication system services encompass all aspects of Consultancy, Programme Management and System Engineering.


A key element of JHLCT’s activities is consulting and engineering support to innovative communication technology companies and defence forces.  Our obligation to the customer can starts at the conceptional phase and will end with the disposal of the system after a long and reliable lifetime.  Our focus is not to sell a product, we focus on an Innovative and Secure Communications System by developing and maintaining in a close and confidential partnership.

JHL Communication Technology can offer to its customers a complete range of high-quality services such as; 

  • Feasibility and Project Studies 

  • Program Management 

  • Design & Engineering 

  • TEMPEST Assessment  

  • Safety Assessment

Feasibility and Project Studies 

JHL Communication Technology as an independent company can provide a range of innovative and knowledge based Feasibility and Project Studies:  

  • System Concept Studies  

  • Ship’s Topdeck design  

  • Antenna Design and Colocation  

  • Engineering studies  

Above is only a limited list of the studies that can be provided.  The experienced staff of JHL Communication Technology can also provide inspections and assessment of existing systems and propose innovative and secure modernization and upgrades.  


Program Management 

JHL Communication Technology will take on the planning, control and monitoring of projects using modern and agile programme management methods.  Including the management of cross-location project teams, controlling all areas involved in the project.  

This can also include the following tasks:  

  • Responsibility for costs, time, and quality for customer programme  

  • Contact person and interface to customers, sales, contract management and other internal areas  

  • Monitoring programme progress, costs, deadlines, and risks  

  • Planning and management of all commercial aspects in the programme  

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction regarding the fulfilment of the contractual agreements and the maximum profitability  

  • Contract and supplement management  

  • Programme management, including appropriate group and management reporting  

  • Representative at the customer  

  • Cooperation with subcontractors, other company units and other external trades  

  • Reporting internally and externally  

All contractual obligations of a program are managed by a team of experts.   A Programme Manager will be appointed to be the designated point of contact for all matters in the program.  He will coordinate all activities within the program.  


Design & Engineering  

The JHL Communication Technology design- and Engineering-team is fully equipped with the hardware and software tools to perform development tasks in an efficient way.  This enables the team to produce a complete set of Design and Engineering documentation including but not limeted to:  

  • Project Definition Documents  

  • Operation requirements  

  • Technical Requirements  

  • Interface Agreements  

  • Test Procedures  

  • System Integration Procedures  

  • System Installation Documentation  

  • Interface Diagrams  

  • Cable Diagrams  

  • Installation Control Drawings  

  • Cable Installation / Interconnection Drawings  

Security / TEMPEST Assessment  

JHL Communication Technology and accredited partners deliver specialist TEMPEST Assessments of high quality, using the most efficient, and economical methods.   

With more than 30 years of experience in system protection against compromising emanations our TEMPEST certification staff can develop, maintain and certify facilities, systems and/or products up to the highest international TEMPEST standards. 

Perhaps the most important step in achieving a secure environment is the establishment of documented security policies and procedures.  These are not meant to be stagnant; instead, they are dynamic documents that can adapt, change, or improve with proper care.  It is important to keep these documents relevant and succinct.  An important stage in any assessment is to review any existing documentation; in this case we analyse the policies and procedures, system diagrams etc.  Recommendations are included for remediation and mitigating efforts.  


Safety Assessment  

JHL Communication Technology can perform Safety Cases for Communication Systems in accordance with international Military standards.  To justify freedom from unreasonable risk, a safety case should be developed in which the safety requirements are captured, mitigations are documented, and satisfied by the evidence. 


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